About us

Kennebunk PortThe Wharf is situated on a colonial landmark, originally known as Walker’s Wharf, constructed in the 1770’s.  When shipbuilding became the major industry in the early 1800’s, the wharf area included a ship’s chandlery and a general store where ships were fitted and repaired for voyages around the world.  In 1962 the present pier and marina facilities were built. The restaurant building was constructed in 1972 by the current owner, Bob Williamson, using original handhewn beams and lumber from a two hundred year old carriage house in Shapleigh, Maine.

Our casual waterfront dining and cocktails out on our deck or beside the fireplace have become quite popular. Charts from Bob’s nautical library cover some of the tables, while his half model collection of local hulls cover the walls.  Our warm, friendly crew at the Arundel welcomes you and plans to ensure that you enjoy your visit with us.